About Us

Our History

PHLEXD was born out of a conversation held in late 2015 on Venice Beach, California (just outside the Muscle Beach gym) about a growing lack of innovation and quality in the marketplace. It was subsequently launched in early 2016. The management team is an experienced group of fitness professionals and nutritionists, and the company is one of the fastest growing supplement suppliers in the UK to date.

Our goal is to continue to innovate and bring high quality, clean and nutritious supplements to our customers, whilst providing the best levels of customer service and value available today.

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Our Range

It’s a well used maxim that any regime of training, body sculpting, weight loss or body building is 80% down to nutrition. Even with the high levels of protein generally available in the western worlds diet, it can be a significant struggle to get the recommended levels (usually between 1-2g per Kg bodyweight, depending on goals and activity levels) from regular food alone. Even more so if you are watching other macro-nutrient quantities closely.

We don’t believe a single protein source can fulfill all the requirements a single person has, from fast digesting post workout protein, to slow release overnight top ups, and alongside any specialised dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten free. This is our concept of the next generation protein “stack”, or different supplements for different scenarios. As such, the PHLEXD range includes protein from a wide variety of sources, each with a distinctive profile of digestibility, content and macros whilst addressing allergies or intolerance. Our protein powders all have excellent protein/carbohydrate and protein/calories ratios, allowing you to fine tune the amounts without adverse affects on other nutrients.

Everything in our range comes from the highest quality sources we have located, and no harsh or abrasive chemicals are used during their processing. Whilst this means our products are not the cheapest on the market, we believe they are the best value, and of a purity level that gives visibly better results, be that a long clean bulk or fast lean cut. Everything is manufactured here in the UK under ISO9001 standards, is ethically sourced, and nothing is ever tested on animals.

We are constantly looking to develop additional protein sources, as well as supplements and accessories that complement your goals, and as such, always welcome suggestions.

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Results. Delivered.

Ultimately, we created PHLEXD because we were not satisfied with, or weren’t seeing the right results from what else was available. The range is developed to not just promise, but to deliver the results you want alongside your diet and training.

Our products are road tested in the best way we know – they are what we use personally.

In fact, we stand by them. And we’re so confident that you will, that if you aren’t 100% happy, you get your money back.

So we’ve no excuses. Have you?